Celeb Crush

Want something you can’t have, or simply just die over the thought of being in the same room as another individual? It may sound completely crazy and absurd since we all are human and put our pants on the same way, but we tend to thrive on the latest celebrity crush. They most definitely change frequently in our minds, or even have multiple ones as they come and go, but at the moment we all have one that we just totally drool over and get lost in, right…? I know I do! I thought I would share my current one, because it varies, and then hear who everyone else’s is?! There are so many reasons that we are obsessed with that certain individual for that crazy, stupid reason. Whether it’s the style, swag, personality, or the accent, Harry Styles from One Direction has it ALL. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of others I could list, but right now he seems to be a great deal of talk coming out of my mouth and music in my ears. So who’s your celeb crush? 



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