See Through Me


From being a total hit of the 90’s, see through shoes are a trend that is totally hot. I remember wearing the “jellies” in the 90’s all the time and loving it. Now, they are even more fabulous than they were before. It’s such a great idea! Think of it like this, we paint our toenails, but they don’t always get to show the cool artsy colors that we choose, so wearing a pair of these rockin’ see through shoes completely solves this! Whether you have a vibrant color on or some pattern, your toes will stand out, and that’s what we want, right? ALSO, the printed socks with the clear shoes are totally KILLER. I know that I love printed socks, but always end up wearing them with boots or with shoes to where my pants are covering the fun socks. It’s a brilliant idea to be able to express your choice of rad socks through these shoes! So paint your toenails, throw on a pair of fun socks, and rock these bad boys! They’re so legit, just like you! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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