Working for you VS working for others in the business world

Let’s put it all out on the table.

Most of us live our day-to-day lives going to our same 9-5 job for that salary or every 2 weeks pay check that we so desperately look forward to. As humans, we all have that mindset that we hate being told what to do by other people, especially when you feel like you’re just ‘working for someone else and not yourself’ constantly. This can be totally exhausting and draining.

Sometimes, what we’re doing now is the bacon (money) to what we really want to do later. We all thrive off of certain passions that we fancy and we always have that thought in the back of our mind that’s tapping us on the shoulder asking ourselves “What are you doing here and why are you torturing yourself?”. Although, this isn’t for everybody, we all want to have a job that we go to on the daily and can really say, “I love my job so much and I look forward to being here everyday”. Now, that totally is asking way too much for most people, because most people actually really dislike their jobs and it’s the only thing that they think they have to offer, to get anywhere.

Let’s talk about routine.

We like exciting things. When what we are doing is not exciting and is a total bore we tend to question ourselves and why we are where we are, & doing whatever we ‘slave’ to everyday. Some of us like routine and some of us really cannot stand it. Personally, it’s totally a nails on a chalkboard type of feeling whenever I have to continuously do the same thing, almost everyday over and over. It’s like living in a city that you have always lived in your entire life and not letting yourself experience the opportunity of new cities, new faces, new people, new everything. Going out to the same places and knowing the town like the back of your hand, is going to get old at some point. Facing your fears to getting out of the same ole routine that you continue to do, that you don’t love, will only broaden your horizons. We all enjoy and like to embrace change every once in a while. We like the idea of being our own boss, setting our rules, creating our own business, and not having to please anyone above us in the business world.

This is all to say: We all have passions. We’re unique. We’re individually created. We fancy life. We thrive off of products, traveling, and money. What if we could totally do what we love every single day AND get paid for waking up each morning? Don’t let what you have to do now, get you down for what you want to pursue later. Sometimes what we are doing now is the bacon to our hopes, dreams, and desires sooner than later in our lives. Where ever you are now, embrace what you are learning from it and take every experience to the head, note them, learn from them, and let what you’re doing inspire you for your ways in the future whether it’s the clothing business you want to own, the product that you are going to talk to the Sharks on TV about, traveling the world, or changing peoples lives, while being the change that you wish to see in the world.

Roll with the punches, do what you have to do, and don’t believe that what you’re doing now has to be what your occupation destiny will be for the rest of your life.

Xx, B.